Catch Up With Shed Of The Year

Old Lawnmower Club member John Barnard was recently featured as a finalist in the Channel 4 series "Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year" with some of his lawn mower collection, in a shed, naturally. If you're in the UK you can catch up with the series by clicking here, but don't wait too long as the streaming service is time-limited and will become unavailable in a week or two.

Working Steam Mower Spotted

We've heard from our special correspondent in the USA that volunteers at the Rough and Tumble Historical Association have completed restoring a rare Coldwell Steam Lawn Mower. This machine is now operational for the organisation's special 2016 Steam Show. It is believed to be the only operational steam mower in the world. You can also read additional information here (includes extra video clips).

Members With Their Mowers Section Goes Live

We've added a new section to display images taken by members with their mowers. This was inspired by the late Tony Hopwood who had the idea when he was our club chairman a few years ago. Tony's idea was very simple: members would visit an interesting or unusual venue - the sillier or more famous the better - and be photographed with a mower from their collection. These photos would then be published on the website with details such as the location to highlight the wackier side of mower collecting. A few committee members have already uploaded some images to get the ball rolling but any full member of the club can add their own. We think it's a fitting memorial to Tony and his idea. Here's a shot of some club members at the recent annual rally alongside the world-famous concrete cows at Milton Keynes Museum. Click here to see the images.


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